Common Reasons for Texas License Suspension

Accidents happen, and the damage they can cause, or even the loss of human life, is totally unprecedented. In most cases, motor vehicle related accidents cause harm more than any other types of accidents. Some people blame them on natural causes, but it is a common fact that human errors are the major reasons why these events occur. In Texas alone, thousands of auto accidents occur every year, and they can also result in Texas license suspension.

In order to prevent any damages or unnecessary loss of human life, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has maintained its vigilance and enhanced its efforts to prevent human-caused accidents. This agency diligently ensures safety to the public. And one of its main roles is to make sure that drivers know and understand traffic laws, speed limits, and personal safety before being issued a license to drive.

The DPS has also established protocols on assessing an individual whether he/she is fit to carry a driver’s license, or at worst, determining whether a Texas license suspension is in need.

There are reasons for the suspension of a driver’s license, and they are discussed as follows.

Failure to appear before a court summon

Drivers have the obligation to pay for, or settle any pending dues regarding traffic violations, or motor vehicle crimes. The failure of that driver to prove his innocence can lead to getting summoned by court. Furthermore, any events of noncompliance with the court order can be considered as grounds for a Texas license suspension. The court shall then be the one to determine an appeal for reinstatement of the driver’s license after any allegations have been cleared.

Driving while intoxicated

The state or court also has the authority to rule a Texas license suspension if a driver has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. As a matter of state policy, any individual has the absolute obligation to follow traffic rules. In order to prevent any untoward accidents, traffic officers ask suspected drivers to take a breath test to determine their ability to drive their vehicles. For those individuals who are 21 and above, and failed the test- their licenses will be suspended up to a certain length of time, depending on whether it is their first, second, or third offense. For those under 21 though, the state has a “zero tolerance”, this means that any minors caught under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will have their licenses suspended on the spot.

Drunk Driving with a child passenger

Any person caught driving while drunk with a child passenger will be automatically charged with a Texas license suspension. This act is considered as inexcusable and could jeopardize not only the driver’s but the child’s life as well. Any driver whose license has been suspended will have to undergo a trial to determine whether he/she is fit to continue driving any vehicles.

Habitual Offenders

Drivers who have been charged with traffic violations, vehicle-accident charges, and other untoward accounts related to the handling of a vehicle, for more than 20 times within a 5 year period, will have their driving privileges revoked and their driver’s license suspended.

Depending on the nature of a Texas license suspension, the drivers have the obligation to present themselves before a court. This also allows the drivers to determine whether the charges for suspension are valid or not.

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