How Can I Get My License Suspended in Texas?

There are some established regulations that every Texas driver must abide to prevent any occurrence of Texas license suspension. These guidelines help regulate and maintain public and vehicle safety. And this prevents any unnecessary human errors that could lead to damages, or at worst, loss of human life.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the main agency that ensures the implementation of traffic laws and safety in the state. This agency is also responsible for the issuance and suspension of a Texas driver’s license in accordance with state regulations. In light of this matter, the DPS assesses and determines whether an individual is fit to own a license, or if an individual’s license should be suspended. But before any Texas license suspension is in effect, the agency will review any documents or traffic reports and infractions to determine the number of points the driver has accumulated. These points could then determine the amount of fee the driver has to pay- or his license can be suspended.

The common question that is most certainly raised by drivers is: why does my license have to be suspended? Although this question might not merit a serious discussion, every individual who owns and drives a car should be well versed with the reasons for a suspended license. It is important that all drivers should know the basic reasons for the suspension of a license before actually using vehicles. For this matter, we will have to delve deeper into the basic reasons for a Texas license suspension.

For Personal Reasons

The most common reason for Texas license suspension is personal safety- the personal safety of the driver. In some cases, drivers have little or no knowledge at all regarding road safety, as well as traffic rules and regulations. Although they already have licenses, there might be instances wherein they could pose danger to themselves. This is evident in countless traffic infractions. A suspension of a license is an order, upon review by the court, to give the driver time to realize whether he/she deserves to own a license. This could be done through signing up with a driving class, or by hiring a driving instructor. This is needed to satisfy the ruling agency that an individual is fit to drive.

For Public Safety

Any individual shall have his/her license suspended if noted that they pose great dangers to others. Any rash actions, such as crossing a red light at high speeds, or reckless driving, which could threaten the health of bystanders and drivers of other vehicles, mean that the owner has no rights to own a driver’s license, and therefore a Texas license suspension is in order. Until they learn their ways, the agency ensures that public safety is in order to prevent damages or death.

To Prevent Misuse From Illegal Parties / Criminals

Any individual who is on the run from the law, or facing criminal charges will have his license suspended. This will prevent him from using his vehicle as a means of evading the law. This also stops him from running away to another place.

There are still a lot of reasons for a Texas license suspension, but, it should be noted that no matter what the reason is, the driver should be responsible enough for his/her actions.

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