Reinstating Your Suspended Drivers License

After facing Texas license suspension, you begin to count the days and wait for the time when the suspension will be over. As the progress of suspension is in effect, the only thing people have to do is to keep their records clean and do nothing that could cause additional problems, or increase the time of the suspension.

Having a Texas license suspension does not mean the end of the world, but actually gives you the time to adjust or change accordingly, depending on the offense and reason for suspension. If all goes right and no other traffic offenses or infractions have been committed by you, then after the time period you will have a chance to apply for reinstatement of your Texas driver’s license.

What is Meant By Reinstatement?

Reinstatement, in this case, is defined as the act of applying for a suspended driver’s license, through an appeal to the ruling agency. After the end of a Texas license suspension period, the suspended party has the right to file the necessary paper works for the reinstatement of their driver’s license. With that, the suspension can then be lifted, if no other infractions have been committed, and the driver can then resume his/ her full right to drive a vehicle.

How To Apply for Reinstatement?

Depending on the reason for a Texas license suspension, the suspended driver will have to fill up the necessary papers for filing a reinstatement of a driver’s license. It is preferable to get help from a lawyer if there is any confusion with regards to filing a reinstatement. Generally, the suspended driver has to pay the necessary traffic fees or dues to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), if the suspension entails some necessary payments. Other than that, an individual also has to pay a reinstatement fee before approval from the DPS.

Those who want to reinstate their licenses after a Texas license suspension can choose to mail the necessary papers, with or without the payment fee. On the other hand, an individual can also go in person to the DPS for filing of the reinstatement of a driver’s license. It is also important to take into consideration the completion of a car insurance form or a vehicle insurance form, as a part of the necessary requirement in reinstating a license.

Although the general steps for filing for reinstatement of a license have been discussed, the required paper works may differ, depending on the reason for suspension. After the end of a Texas license suspension period, an individual will have to comply with the requirements as well as additional supporting documents. It is better to clarify and determine what documents are needed to be submitted to the agency before filing for a reinstatement. For those who have been suspended due to the use of alcohol or intoxicants, they may need additional certificates for completion of a specific educational program, depending on the requirements of the court before they are allowed to possess back their licenses.

More Information

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