Vehicle Insurance and Reasons for License Suspension

Motor vehicle accidents cause damages to life and property. Every day we hear reports about car accidents that involve a lot of people and incur property damage. Although damage to property can be replaced, the loss to human life is irreplaceable. This is the reason why the Texas government has strictly enforced vigilance and accountability rules for drivers. Furthermore, it is imperative that every good driver must comply with the requirements and avail auto insurance before driving, or risk himself to face Texas license suspension.

In Texas alone, there are dozens of reports of car accidents happening every day. These incidences are unprecedented and usually involve human errors more than natural causes. Because of this, the state of Texas encourages its driving citizens, through the appropriate agencies, to be responsible enough to cover for insurance. There are many credible insurance companies, some in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety, that cater to, and cover for car insurance. This will ensure that drivers have the responsibility and the ability to pay for any damages that they might cause during accidents. And with the growing number of uninsured drivers, the state of Texas has passed regulations that contain provisions that each driver has a mandatory obligation to have a minimum liability insurance plan, or he can face Texas license suspension.

Minimum Insurance

In order to ensure that drivers are insured, the Texas government has hooked up with certified insurance companies, to make sure that every car is insured and that every driver has complied with the minimum amount of insurance needed. There is a designated amount of insurance coverage depending on the damage inflicted. In Texas, the government has recognized that it is very important for drivers to have liability insurance plans. This would allow them to be responsible for their actions and make sure that they have the ability to pay for any damages, and prevent Texas license suspension.

Penalties for No Insurance

In Texas, there is an established monitoring system that allows for online observations. This helps to see whether a driver is insured or not. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is the main agency responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of this system. The driver’s insurance account and information is available to authorized parties, such as the law enforcement officers. This information is used for inspection upon the event of an accident, or when determining for Texas license suspension.

The drivers, who have complied with the insurance payments, and have no other charges that could affect their insurance coverage, have no problems with the law. But on the other hand, if you have no insurance or have a canceled insurance coverage, then you might have to face Texas license suspension.

During a Texas license suspension, the driver has a 20-day grace period to file an appeal for the reversal of the suspension. This can be done by presenting valid claims and insurance payment records. But if during the appeal there is lack of evidence regarding insurance payments and liability coverage proofs, then the suspension for a Texas driver’s license in upheld. The driver can then appeal for reinstatement by showing current proofs of liability coverage, and as well as depositing a reinstatement fee.

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