Alcohol-Related License Suspension

Most news reports about vehicular accidents blame alcohol as the main reason for the unfortunate events. It can be noted that drunk drivers have high risks of causing accidents. This is mostly true since alcohol has a depressant effect- dulling the senses, and lessening reaction time. For this matter, drivers often say that they were not able to react on time to avoid the impending danger. This article will talk about the effects of alcohol and their relation to Texas license suspension.

Most of us already know that we should never drive after drinking, or just drink moderately before driving. These advices are usually not taken seriously by young people. Younger generation has the tendency to break the rules, but it could lead to accidents, and even if no loss is incurred, it would certainly mean Texas license suspension.

In Texas alone, there are thousands of accidents and many deaths every year, due to driving while under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants. This is a very saddening fact, more so when noted that most of these victims are those aged between 21 to 34 years of age. These people do not comprehend the risks in driving rashly. And these often result to accidents, or even at worst, death.

Because of these unfortunate events, the state of Texas and the appropriate agencies, such as the Texas Department of Public Safety, have established guidelines that drivers need to consider in order to prevent Texas license suspension. In Texas, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is about 0.08% for those who are driving aged 21 and above. Minors are not allowed to have any alcohol.

Penalties for Those 21 Years Old and Above

Drivers who are suspected of drunk driving are asked to take either a breath or blood test, or both. Drivers must take note that refusal to perform the test when asked, will result in an on-the-spot Texas license suspension. This would last for about 6 months, along with any additional suspensions if proven that the driver was actually drunk when driving.

The penalties and charges, aside from a Texas license suspension, are determined based on the number of offenses that a driver has committed. First time offenders would be charged about $2000, possible jail penalty from a determined amount of hours to days, and a suspension for 90 days-12 months. Second-time offenders would be fined for about $4000, possible jail penalties, and license suspension for about 180 days to 2 years. And as for third-time offenders, a fine of about $10,000, jail penalty for 2-10 years, and license suspension for about 180 days to 2 years.

Penalties for Those Below 21 Years Old

A Texas license suspension will be in effect, if, any minor is found guilty of having even a small amount of alcohol in their blood, because of the states’ “zero tolerance” attitude and will be charged as follows: if below the BAC level, then a 60 day suspension, fine of up to $500, and mandatory classes on alcohol awareness. But if above the limit, then drivers will be charged with the same guidelines for those 21 years and above. And lastly, the driver is also charged and convicted of underage drinking.

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