Traffic Violations and How Your License Could Be Suspended

Just think about this scenario for a moment: you have prepared very hard for an important presentation to be given at the meeting. But then, things start to go wrong. Your alarm did not ring at the right time. You panic and rush to get ready, to leave for the office for your very important meeting. You cannot stay in the speed limit because you have to hurry to go to your office. You speed up, and think that no-one is noticing your fast driving. Just then your side mirror shows the glaring sirens of a police car behind you, ordering you to stop. You sigh and think, “This is just not my day,” and you know that a Texas license suspension would happen.

This could happen to anyone. It is one of those events that seem unavoidable, but can totally be prevented. In the illustrated situation, you can get a ticket, but the chances of Texas license suspension are not much. After receiving the traffic ticket, you are given a number of days in which you could just pay the fine or file an appeal in court to dismiss the ticket. In Texas, as in any other state in the US, if proven that you have clearly gone beyond the speed limit, then you have no other option than to receive the ticket.

Surcharge Violations

The state of Texas employs a point system for traffic violations and traffic infractions. Any individual who causes any traffic violation would have a corresponding point, depending if the infraction falls within the parameters of the point system, as part of the Driver Responsibility Program. If a driver reaches a certain number of points, then he/she will be obliged to pay the necessary due based on surcharge violations. These penalties are given for those who have committed infractions for a number of times, although falling short for a Texas license suspension.

This requires a penalty fee from $100 to about $2,000 every year up to 3 years, depending mostly on the amount and period designated by court. If you need more information on this, it is better to employ an attorney that specializes in traffic laws, especially if the penalty is upgraded to a Texas license suspension.

Grounds for Suspension of a License

On the other hand, there are some individuals who commit traffic offenses over and over again. These individuals are recognized as habitual offenders and have numerous traffic violations with a 12 month period. As stated in Texas traffic regulations and the Texas point system, these offenders have incurred about 4 moving violations with a 1-year period, or 7 moving violations within 2 years. The only course of action would be a Texas license suspension.

Even through the period of a Texas license suspension, the driver would have to pay surcharge amounts if he/she has reached the minimum amount necessary to be fined, in accordance with the Driver Responsibility Program and the Texas point system.

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