Warrants and License Suspension

Just when you thought that you have taken care of all the loose ends to prevent your license from being suspended, you suddenly receive a written note withholding you from using any privileges of your driver’s license. You did not take into consideration that the presence of a warrant- either an arrest warrant, a bench warrant, or other forms of warrant, could still lead to a Texas license suspension.

Most individuals are already aware of the common reasons for having a Texas license suspension. It can be due to lack of insurance, being caught drunk while driving, or having a lot of violation points. But, what most people do not know is that the possession of a warrant could jeopardize an individual’s driving privileges and could even get a suspension of the driver’s license. The presence of a warrant could probably lead to a Texas license suspension.

What is a Warrant?

Before any further discussions, let us first clearly define what a warrant is. Basically, a warrant is any written document, authorized by a governing body, which allows law enforcement officers to arrest or detain any suspected individuals, and search any private belongings for the purpose of an investigation, or for the interests of those affected. Any individual can be issued a warrant depending on whether they have committed any offenses, or for clarification purposes.

Any person might not know that he/she has a pending warrant. This could hamper any privileges that he/she might have. In order to check for any warrants, you can run a criminal record check, just to make sure.

What causes the issuance of a warrant?

Any government body, upon deliberation and thorough investigation, could issue a warrant, depending on the nature of the offense. Furthermore a warrant could be in the form of a bench warrant, or an arrest warrant.

These are issued depending on the following reasons:

These instances can get you a Texas license suspension. An individual, who has no idea about the charges being made and reasons for the warrants, has the option to hire a lawyer that specializes in traffic issues and warrants. Depending on the warrant being issued, the individual has the right to appear in front of the court to settle things out and clear his/her name. Warrants of arrest are ways of preventing a wanted criminal from fleeing the state. This helps ensure that the suspect has no means to run away, and thus his license is suspended.

Within the time period of Texas license suspension, an individual has the opportunity to file for reinstatement of a driver’s license after everything is cleared up. But, he/she should be prepared for additional fees, or probably, take the traffic tests again.

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